Best Reviewer Award


At MITAC 2021 the Best Reviewer Awards was given to Tim Kastrup, from the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.


At previous MIT-conferences these have received the earlier Best Reviewer Awards:

MITSC 2021 Jakob Westergren, Uppsala University
MITAC 2020 Emil Åkesson, Lund University's Faculty of Engineering, LTH
MITSC 2020 Frida Magnusdotter Ivarsson, University of Gothenburg
MITAC 2019 Sebastian Dehling, Karlstad University and Oscar Lundberg, Umeå University
MITSC 2019 Anton Borell, Stockholm University  and Anna Uhlin, Mälardalen University
MITAC 2018 Daniel Skog, Umeå University
MITSC 2018 Chelsey Jo Huisman, Uppsala University and Cristina Ghita, Uppsala University

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