Supervisors within the Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT)

The pool of supervisors within the research school contains persons who supervises the PhD students within the research school or in other ways are associated with the research school. Here they are presented in alphabetical order.

Table of contents:

A - E

Kajsa Ahlgren, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University

Jan Aidemark, Linnaeus University

Ola Alexandersson, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University

Roland Almqvist, Uppsala University

Helén Anderson, Jönköping International Business School

Bo Andersson, Linnaeus University

Martin Andersson, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Ulf Andersson, Mälardalen University

Urban Ask, University of Gothenburg

Linda Askenäs, Linnaeus University

Marie Aurell, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Christian Ax, University of Gothenburg

Anna Bengtson, Uppsala University

Lars Bengtsson, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University

Linda Bergkvist, Karlstad University

Lennart Bogg, Mälardalen University

Danilo Brozovic, Stockholm University

Silvia Bruzzone, Mälardalen University

Leon Caesarius, Uppsala University

Åsa Cajander, Uppsala universitet

Carolina Camén, Karlstad University

Jaime Campos, Linnaeus University

Per Carlborg, Örebro University

Sven Carlsson, Lund University

Donal Casey, Uppsala University

Benneth Christiansson, Karlstad University

Marie-Therese Christiansson, Karlstad University

Diana Chroneer, Luleå tekniska universitet

Ioanna Constantiou, University of Gothenburg

Michela Cozza, Mälardalen University

Jason Crawford, Uppsala University

Lucia Crevani, Mälardalen University

Mathias Cöster, Uppsala University

Peter Dahlin, Mälardalen University

Mike Danilovic, Jönköping International Business School

Henrik Dellestrand, Uppsala University

Olaf Diegel, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University

Mats Edenius, Uppsala University

Anneli Edman, Uppsala University

Bo Edvardsson, Karlstad University

Lina Eklund, Uppsala universitet

Tomas Eklund, Uppsala universitet

Peter Ekman, Mälardalen University

Patrik Elm, Linnaeus University

Blerim Emruli, Lund University

Lars Engwall, Uppsala University

Morgan Ericsson, Linnaeus University

Jenny Eriksson Lundström, Uppsala University

Owen Eriksson, Uppsala University

Cecilia Erixon, Mälardalen University

F - J

Birgitta Fagerström Kareld, Linnaeus University

Ali Farashah, Mälardalen University

Per Frankelius, Örebro University

Odd Fredriksson, Karlstad University

Lars Frimanson, Uppsala University

Elisabeth Frisk, University of Gothenburg

Shang Gao, Örebro University

Jonas Gabrielsson, Lund University

Sabine Gebert Persson, Uppsala University

Jonas Gerdin, Örebro University

Patrik Gottfridsson, Karlstads universitet

Michael Grant, Uppsala University

Anders Gustafsson, Karlstad University

Klas Gäre, Jönköping International Business School

Amjad Hadjikhani, Uppsala University

Darek Haftor, Uppsala University

Anette Hallin, Mälardalen University

Karl Hammar, Jönköping International Business School

Thomas Hartman, Stockholm University

Frank G. Hartmann, Radboud universiteit

Nina Hasche, Örebro University

Virpi Havila, Uppsala University

Anders Hederstierna, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Jonas Hedman, University of Borås

Karin Hedström, Örebro University

Ola Henfridsson, Chalmers

Jukka  Hohenthal, Uppsala University

Desirée Holm, Uppsala University

Nicklas Holmberg, Lund university

Matthias Holmstedt, Mälardalens universitet

Jonny Holmström, Umeå universitet

Magnus Hoppe, Mälardalen University

Claes Hultman, Örebro University

Linda Höglund, Mälardalen University

Anders Ingwald, Linnaeus University

Carina Ihlström Eriksson, Halmstad University

Claire Ingram Bogusz, Uppsala universitet

Sarfraz Iqbal, Linnaeus University

Sirajul Islam, Örebro University

Einar Iveroth, Uppsala University

Jonas Jakobsson, University of Gothenburg

Tomas Jansson, Karlstad University

John Jeansson, Linnéuniversitetet

Martin Johanson, Uppsala University

Anna Johansson, Mälardalen University

Björn Johansson, Linköping University

Tobias Johansson, Mälardalen University

David Johnson, Uppsala universitet

Päivi Jokela, Linnaeus University

Katrin Jonsson, Umeå University

Peter Juslin, Uppsala universitet

K - O

Miranda Kajtazi, Lund University

Thomas Kalling, Lund University

Charlie Karlsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Johan Kask, Örebro University

Fredrik Karlsson, Örebro University

Christina Keller, Uppsala University

Ella Kolkowska, Örebro University

Arianit Kurti, Linnaeus University

Per Levén, Umeå University

Olof Lindahl, Uppsala University

Jessica Lindbergh, Stockholm University

Cecilia Lindh, Mälardalen University

Rikard Lindgren, Göteborgs universitet

Lars Lindsköld, University of Gothenburg

Gabriel Linton, Örebro University

Jan Lindvall, Uppsala University 

Jan Ljungberg, University of Gothenburg

Urban Ljungquist, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH 

Eva Lövstål, Kristianstad University

Jan Löwstedt, Stockholm University

Eva Maaninen-Olsson, Mälardalen University

Johan Magnusson, University of Gothenburg

Monika Magnusson, Karlstad University

Peter Magnusson, Karlstad University

Osama Mansour, Lund University

Leif Melin, Jönköping International Business School

Marcelo Milrad, Linnaeus University

Anita Mirijamdotter, Linnaeus University

Therese Monstad, Uppsala universitet

Rana Mostaghel, Mälardalen University

Gunilla Myreteg, Uppsala University

Jonas Månsson, Blekinge tekniska högskola, BTH

Christina Mörtberg, Linnaeus University

Johan Netz, Karlstad University

Fredrik Nilsson, Uppsala University

Jan Evert Nilsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Fredrik Nordin, Stockholm University

Emilia Rovira Nordman, Mälardalen University

Anna-Carin Nordvall, Uppsala University

Per Norling, Karlstad University

Emil Numminen, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Daniel Nylén, Umeå University

Pejvak Oghazi, Linnaeus University

P - T

Josef Pallas, Uppsala University

Cecilia Pahlberg, Uppsala University

Hossein Pashang, Jönköping International Business School

Erik Perjons, Stockholm University

Kalevi Pessi, University of Gothenburg

John Sören Pettersson, Karlstad University  

Frans Prenkert, Örebro University

Shahiduzzaman Quoreshi, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

Dave Randall Linnaeus University

Agneta Ranerup, University of Gothenburg

Birger Rapp

Andrea Resmini, Halmstad University

Peter Revay, Mälardalen University

Lazar Rusu, Stockholm University

Jimmie Röndell, Mälardalens universitet

Sadaf Salavati, Linnaeus University

Johan Sandberg, Umeå University

Saonee Sarker, Lunds universitet

Svante Schriber, Stockholm University

Ulrike Schultze, Lund University

Birgitta Schwartz, Stockholm University

Esbjörn Segelod, Mälardalen University 

Ulf Seigerroth, Jönköping International Business School

Lisen Selander, University of Gothenburg

Poja Shams, Karlstad University

Jonas Sjöström, Uppsala University

Per Skalen, Karlstad University

Daniel Skog, Umeå University

Odd Steen, Lund University

Dick Stenmark, University of Gothenburg

Jonas Stier, Mälardalens universitet

Magnus Strand, Uppsala University

Fredrik Svahn, University of Gothenburg

Henrik Sällberg, Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH

David Sörhammar, Stockholm University

Robin Teigland, Stockholm School of Economics

Fredrik Tell, Uppsala University

Franck Tétard, Uppsala universitet

Peter Thilenius, Uppsala University

Claes Thorén, Uppsala University

Konrad Tollmar, Lund University

Jakob Trischler, Karlstad University

Bård Tronvoll, Karlstad University

U - Ö

Vivian Vimarlund,  Linköping University

Jessica Wadin, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University

Sofie Wass, Jönköping University

Alf Westelius, Linköping University

Ulrika H. Westergren, Umeå University

Henrik Wimelius, Umeå University

Anna Wingkvist, Linnaeus University 

Kai Wistrand, Örebro University

Lars Witell, Karlstad University

Emre Yildiz, Mälardalen university

Susanne Åberg, Uppsala University

Pär Ågerfalk, Uppsala University

Maria Åkesson, Karlstad University

Christina Öberg, Karlstad University

Lars Öbrand, Umeå University

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