About the Swedish Research School of Management and IT

The Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT) offers a number of PhD courses and offers partial funding to, or association of, PhD students who are part of the research school.

The researchschool has a pool of supervisors and an alumni network. All the alumni within the alumni network have written and defended a licentiate- and/or doctoral thesis within the research school.

Twice every academic year the research school arranges MIT-conferenses, MIT's Autumn Conference (MITAC) and MIT's Sprinc Conference (MITSC) where all members of the research school, i.e. phd students, alumni and seniors from the research school participate. The research school's management team meet at least twice a year, in connection to the research school's conferences.

An arena for IT-related phenomena

The Swedish Research School of Management and IT is an arena to explore IT-related  phenomena that permeate several disciplines within the areas of management and IT.

Research and education within management and IT

The research school includes several areas within research and education in management and IT. Economic information systems, business studies, informatics, media studies and communication are examples of such areas.

The organisation and activities of the research school

The Research School of Management and IT (MIT) is a collaboration between twelve universities and one of the sixteen national research schools which were given support in the government research bill from 2000.

The management team of the research school consists of Chair, Deputy Chair, Dean and a Deputy Dean as well as representatives from the collaborating universities of the research school.

In the  Annual reports from the Research School of Management and IT you can find information about defended theses, the number of PhD students, PhD courses, seminars and conferences and other intresting activities from each academic year.

More about the research school

Read about the background and the earlier activities of the Research School of Management and IT in Lars Engwall's article from the journal Mercury:

A Decade of Exploration (pdf)

Last modified: 2022-12-07